Arduino Advancements

Today I had some spare time so I thought of trying to make something new from my Arduino Uno Kit . And as I do not have much of an understanding for the programming language that is used I went onto a website that my dad told me about and started looking for something that I could make . I soon found something that I could build without it being to complicated so that I could understand how the program worked . The thing that I had found was something that could detect water using a water sensor and then it would give an output . At first I had given the output into a motor that spun as soon as the sensor detected water . It was a fairly simple circuit to build all you needed was a water sensor , a few cables or wires , something that could be used for an output ( e.g. motor , LED ) and finally the arduino uno R3 board . The program was also pretty easy to write . So i finished up in around 30 minutes because i wanted to understand how the code worked as well . Then it was time to test it out i brought a glass of water and dipped the water sensor into the glass . And i was pleased to see that the motor had started spinning but it was very slow and weak . i tried to find the problem but i could not so i just stuck with it . It was a very good day today except for the fact that i am a little sick today .  Hopefully it goes away by tomorrow well thats alli have time for today .


Author: Aum Pandya

Im a 13 year old kid who lives in mumbai and write about what I do in my everyday life

One thought on “Arduino Advancements”

  1. Hope you feel better soon Aum.

    For slow speed of motor there could be two possible reason, 1 either battery is week or 2 power to run motor is supplied by Arduino which is not strong enough and you need motor driver

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