All about the practicals

Today was the computer practical test , our computer test was in the 7th and 8th periods which is from 11:25 to 12:35 so one hour . But the actual time that was given for the test was around 50 minutes . There are 34 people in my class but there were only 32 computers available ( laptops ) . All the grades from 1 – 6 use the computer lab  which is a room with multiple systems , and then there are laptops which grades 7 and up use ( im in grade 8 ) . For the practical test we had to create a couple of things ,

    1. an internal link that takes you from one side of the webpage to the other
    2. then we had to create an external link that takes us from webpage 1 to webpage 2

So I successfully created the external link that takes you from webpage one to webpage 2 that contains the table , I had also successfully created the table with all 3 columns  , 4 rows and the borders in a different colour , different background colours and even different text styles . The different background colours were there for all the websites . Also just do something different I even changed the colour of the link from blue to green apparently it does not let you change the colours of the link in this website . Anyway I was expecting a full 15 on 15 but due to an EXTREMLLY SILLY mistake that was made by the computer I lost 1 mark and got 14 . The EXTREMLLY SILLY silly thing that the computer had done is that it did not register that the gap in between the 2 words that was used to specify the location of the corresponding location and so the internal link did not work as the folder name and the name written for the source did not match up . So well yeah . So after coming back home from school I had left for my classes at 3:50 so hat I can reach on time but when I reached I realised that today is Wednesday and today the class is at 5 so I walked back home and then started walking back to my class at 4:50. After an hour of studying and doing maths I left for home but while walking back it started to drizzle which was a pleasant surprise as it has not rained this whole week . After reaching home today I had to do something very interesting I had to get a small bottle and first coat it with glue then small pieces of newspaper and then repeat another 2 times and finally put one more layer of glue to hold it all in place .Till I finished that it was 10 so I had another 30 minutes left to write this blog and now its 10:30 . that’s all for today’s blog but I will write about what my teacher thinks of the bottle tomorrow , so hope to see you tomorrow . (btw give me some ideas for something that I can make out of my Lego EV3 set. )


Author: Aum Pandya

Im a 13 year old kid who lives in mumbai and write about what I do in my everyday life

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