Hey guys sorry to disappoint you today but right now im felling feverish and a bit light-headed right now . BTW the bottle which I had made os one of the best in my class . Yeah so I hope that I feel better tomorrow so that I can write these blogs again . So well ¬†ūüôā ( please give me some ideas for my arduino and/or lego EV3 kit )


All about the practicals

Today was the computer practical test , our computer test was in the 7th and 8th periods which is from 11:25 to 12:35 so one hour . But the actual time that was given for the test was around 50 minutes . There are 34 people in my class but there were only 32 computers available ( laptops ) . All the grades from 1 Р6 use the computer lab  which is a room with multiple systems , and then there are laptops which grades 7 and up use ( im in grade 8 ) . For the practical test we had to create a couple of things ,

    1. an internal link that takes you from one side of the webpage to the other
    2. then we had to create an external link that takes us from webpage 1 to webpage 2

So I successfully created the external link that takes you from webpage one to webpage 2 that contains the table , I had also successfully created the table with all 3 columns¬†¬†, 4 rows and the borders in a different colour , different background colours and even different text styles . The different background colours were there for all the websites . Also just do something different I even changed the colour of the link from blue to green apparently it does not let you change the colours of the link in this website . Anyway I was expecting a full 15 on 15 but due to an EXTREMLLY SILLY mistake that was made by the computer I lost 1 mark and got 14 . The EXTREMLLY SILLY¬†silly thing that the computer had done is that it did not register that the gap in between the 2 words that was used to specify the location of the corresponding location and so the internal link did not work as the folder name and the name written for the source¬†did not match up . So well yeah . So after coming back home from school I had left for my classes at 3:50 so hat I can reach on time but when I reached I realised that today is Wednesday and today the class is at 5 so I walked back home and then started walking back to my class at 4:50. After an hour of studying and doing maths I left for home but while walking back it started to drizzle which was a pleasant surprise as it has not rained this whole week . After reaching home today I had to do something very interesting I had to get a small bottle and first coat it with glue then small pieces of newspaper and then repeat another 2 times and finally put one more layer of glue to hold it all in place .Till I finished that it was 10 so I had another 30 minutes left to write this blog and now its 10:30 . that’s¬†all for today’s blog but I will write about what my teacher thinks of the bottle tomorrow , so hope to see you tomorrow . (btw give me some ideas for something that I can make out of my Lego EV3 set. )



Today was a day in which nothing interesting had happened it was the same old routine just like every day . I guess the only thing that was different today was that my friend samyak had come to my society after our classes to hang out for a while . while he was here we did random stuff like try to do some pull-up’s ( not very successful though ) and climb to the top of a spiral slide from the outside after which we jump over the protecting bars to reach the platform from where we slide down from ( very succesful ) . ¬†After reaching home I started to study for my practical computer test that is scheduled for tomorrow . It is based on the topic of HTML which is a coding language that lets you create websites . HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language which is used for website coding , ¬†it has many elements but the test that we will have tomorrow will mostly contain the table hyperlink and image parts of HTML .


like for example I can create a hyperlink
over here¬†which can lead you the blog that I wrote yesterday . Anyway as I have done a lot of practice ( and I mean a LOT ) it should go well , and hopefully the hyperlink works please let me know in the comment section . Also it has not rained since saturday which is pretty strange as last week it was raining the whole time . 2 lakes and 1 dam have also gotten filled over the last week which means that there will be less water problems this time ( hopefully ) . Anyway I have run out of time for today so I hope to see you tomorrow . If you have read this hole blog make sure to include “HTML” in your comments .

The month of Shravan

The shravan mass holds a great significance for Hindus and multiple auspicious days . It is the 10th month in the traditional gujrat panchag followed in gujrat . According to the Gujarati¬†calendar the shravan mass starts from the 24th of July and ends on the 21st of august . It is dedicated to the Goddess Laxmi and Lord Shiva¬†. Sud paksh starts from July 24 and ends on august 7th and vad paksh starts from 8th august and ends on the 21st of august . Each day of the shravan month has an importance for e.g tusedays are known as mangala gauri vrat¬†which is dedicated to the Goddess Gauri , and Laxmi puja is the main event on friday . Any way enough about religion , ¬†Friday the day on which I had the most fun since the start of my academic year . It was my friend’s birthday and we had all gone out to celebrate her birthday in a place called the Rude Lounge¬†.Rude1¬†It is a huge area that takes up most of the 8th floor of the tower that it is located in . ¬†As you can see in the picture the 2 sides are completely open and there are tables to have food and then some place where one can host parties of even dance if it is not booked . The problem is though that it is very far away from where we live and it takes a long time to reach but still it was fun as we were all sitting with our friends in the car while heading to the place . once we reached we first had some food and then started dancing . Because there was not enough space to dance properly we moved some of the tables aside . There was a live DJ who was playing some pretty good music which was fun to listed and dance to . All of us danced till around 12:30 ( not sure though ) after which we had dinner and left for home at around 1:00 am . Saturday was not much of a happening day instead it was a day on which me and my dad spent the day doing random things . However sunday is a whole different story we were going to go watch “SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING” in 4DX which is a new thing for us as it just opened a few months ago . The show was for 1:00 pm so we left at 12:00 and we reached their just in time to just 10 minutes before . So as we entered the theatre I noticed a lot of fans and lots of other contraptions that were meant to create effects while the movie was going on 4D refers to the senses like wind smell movement etc . so you could call it a 3D movie with effects with really expensive tickets . Today was a little bit of a slow day for me as in school the time could not have gone any slower and we also had our chemistry test today which went pretty good hoping to expect a 13 or 14 out of 15 . then after returning home I slept for around 30 minutes and then went for my classes which lasts around 1 hour . I walked back home and then spent time with my mom and watched a movie together ( it was a movie that was coming on the television). And after the movie I started writing this blog so well yeah . that’s all I have time for today see you tomorrow (literally its 10:30)

Corn On The Cob

While walking to school today I realised i had forgotten my ID card at home . Our school put’s a lot of importance on wearing ID cards (for no apparent reason) that are given to us. ¬†When I did realise that I had forgotten it i panicked for bit but then i remembered that at the help desk of our school we are allowed to take a temporary ID card that is made out of a thick paper and not the ones which contain RFID chips in them which we use normally . So I took a temporary ID and filled out the details and drew a little picture of myself onto the place where we are supposed to stick our pictures . The reason why it was so important for me to have an ID card is that without it the staff does not let us go to our classes and even if you do manage to sneak into your class while leaving the staff does not alow you to leave until everybody has left which is pretty late ( around 30 minutes late) ¬†and even if you do have your ID card you are still left around 15 minutes late . After returning home from school I have around 1 hour before my tuition¬†classes start so in that time i try to finish all the homework that I have not already finished in school . And then if i still have some free time ( which I usually don’t ) I read a book . Today me and my friend went walking to our class as we normally do and on the way we encounter a sickening smell that causes me and my friend to almost puke . So we ran away from there and used a shortcut that helps us reach faster without going on any main road . After spending another 1 hour 30 minutes studying chemistry for our test my friends spotted a small stall which was selling corn on the cob that was roasted on coal and by adding some salt and chili powder (or¬†mirchi as¬†we call it) it just tastes amazing .


me and my fried with another 2 people shared 2 by splitting it into half . After having that amazing snack the both of us walked home again . On the way back we tried to race the person who was coming by a car and we reached just  few minutes after he reached so not bad . I said goodbye to him and climbed  the stairs all the way to the 11 floor in 2 minutes which is a new record for me . and after reaching home I started working on a few of my projects played a few games and then started writing this blog . Oh and i almost forgot me and my mom had an amazing dinned of Dosa which tasted amazing


Anyway I have run out of time for today so see you tomorrow .


Arduino Advancements

Today I had some spare time so I thought of trying to make something new from my Arduino Uno Kit . And as I do not have much of an understanding for the programming language that is used I went onto a website that my dad told me about and started looking for something that I could make . I soon found something that I could build without it being to complicated so that I could understand how the program worked . The thing that I had found was something that could detect water using a water sensor and then it would give an output . At first I had given the output into a motor that spun as soon as the sensor detected water . It was a fairly simple circuit to build all you needed was a water sensor , a few cables or wires , something that could be used for an output ( e.g. motor , LED ) and finally the arduino uno R3 board . The program was also pretty easy to write . So i finished up in around 30 minutes because i wanted to understand how the code worked as well . Then it was time to test it out i brought a glass of water and dipped the water sensor into the glass . And i was pleased to see that the motor had started spinning but it was very slow and weak . i tried to find the problem but i could not so i just stuck with it . It was a very good day today except for the fact that i am a little sick today .  Hopefully it goes away by tomorrow well thats alli have time for today .

A day at school


Today was another good day at school .  The results for another test were also shown today which was pretty good . Our tests are out of 15 so thirteen and a half is counted as a pretty good score and another date was given on which a Marathi test will be conducted.  I still have to give my chart that I made for maths to my teacher .  ( a chart is something that gives a summary about the current chapter that is going on in school at that particular time) Today I also had my after school  activity which was handball . Handball is a sport in which we have a ball that is approximately the size of a small football .

there should be a picture of a handball over here .
this is the ball that we use

It is a sport that is similar to basketball . Like some of our fouls are the same like foot foul in which if the ball touched any part of or leg it is counted as a foul and the opponent gets to start . Then there is the double dribble which occurs when the player holds the ball in his/her hand and then starts to dribble the ball. There are a few exceptions like when the player receives a pass from another player or when the player tap’s the ball from the opponent team. ( a tap is when a player takes the ball from the opponent team) But the shooting stance is completely different¬†from basketball .there should be a picture of a person in the stance of shooting a handball¬†Well enough about sports . Today I also tried making something new from my Arduino Uno kit but it is a bit confusing as I just started and i don’t know how to write the code well. if anybody could give some help please write it down in the comments below . Anyway i tried creating something that can detect rain using a water sensor and after it would detect the rain it would give an output . By the way it is raining a lot here in Mumbai since Monday . And i have to record the weather for a certain city for the whole month of July for a project that i have to make in august . Anyway i have run out of time for today so well see you tomorrow .¬†