A day at school


Today was another good day at school .  The results for another test were also shown today which was pretty good . Our tests are out of 15 so thirteen and a half is counted as a pretty good score and another date was given on which a Marathi test will be conducted.  I still have to give my chart that I made for maths to my teacher .  ( a chart is something that gives a summary about the current chapter that is going on in school at that particular time) Today I also had my after school  activity which was handball Handball is a sport in which we have a ball that is approximately the size of a small football .

there should be a picture of a handball over here .
this is the ball that we use

It is a sport that is similar to basketball . Like some of our fouls are the same like foot foul in which if the ball touched any part of or leg it is counted as a foul and the opponent gets to start . Then there is the double dribble which occurs when the player holds the ball in his/her hand and then starts to dribble the ball. There are a few exceptions like when the player receives a pass from another player or when the player tap’s the ball from the opponent team. ( a tap is when a player takes the ball from the opponent team) But the shooting stance is completely different from basketball .there should be a picture of a person in the stance of shooting a handball Well enough about sports . Today I also tried making something new from my Arduino Uno kit but it is a bit confusing as I just started and i don’t know how to write the code well. if anybody could give some help please write it down in the comments below . Anyway i tried creating something that can detect rain using a water sensor and after it would detect the rain it would give an output . By the way it is raining a lot here in Mumbai since Monday . And i have to record the weather for a certain city for the whole month of July for a project that i have to make in august . Anyway i have run out of time for today so well see you tomorrow .