Today was a day in which nothing interesting had happened it was the same old routine just like every day . I guess the only thing that was different today was that my friend samyak had come to my society after our classes to hang out for a while . while he was here we did random stuff like try to do some pull-up’s ( not very successful though ) and climb to the top of a spiral slide from the outside after which we jump over the protecting bars to reach the platform from where we slide down from ( very succesful ) .  After reaching home I started to study for my practical computer test that is scheduled for tomorrow . It is based on the topic of HTML which is a coding language that lets you create websites . HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language which is used for website coding ,  it has many elements but the test that we will have tomorrow will mostly contain the table hyperlink and image parts of HTML .


like for example I can create a hyperlink
over here which can lead you the blog that I wrote yesterday . Anyway as I have done a lot of practice ( and I mean a LOT ) it should go well , and hopefully the hyperlink works please let me know in the comment section . Also it has not rained since saturday which is pretty strange as last week it was raining the whole time . 2 lakes and 1 dam have also gotten filled over the last week which means that there will be less water problems this time ( hopefully ) . Anyway I have run out of time for today so I hope to see you tomorrow . If you have read this hole blog make sure to include “HTML” in your comments .