The month of Shravan

The shravan mass holds a great significance for Hindus and multiple auspicious days . It is the 10th month in the traditional gujrat panchag followed in gujrat . According to the Gujarati calendar the shravan mass starts from the 24th of July and ends on the 21st of august . It is dedicated to the Goddess Laxmi and Lord Shiva . Sud paksh starts from July 24 and ends on august 7th and vad paksh starts from 8th august and ends on the 21st of august . Each day of the shravan month has an importance for e.g tusedays are known as mangala gauri vrat which is dedicated to the Goddess Gauri , and Laxmi puja is the main event on friday . Any way enough about religion ,  Friday the day on which I had the most fun since the start of my academic year . It was my friend’s birthday and we had all gone out to celebrate her birthday in a place called the Rude Lounge .Rude1 It is a huge area that takes up most of the 8th floor of the tower that it is located in .  As you can see in the picture the 2 sides are completely open and there are tables to have food and then some place where one can host parties of even dance if it is not booked . The problem is though that it is very far away from where we live and it takes a long time to reach but still it was fun as we were all sitting with our friends in the car while heading to the place . once we reached we first had some food and then started dancing . Because there was not enough space to dance properly we moved some of the tables aside . There was a live DJ who was playing some pretty good music which was fun to listed and dance to . All of us danced till around 12:30 ( not sure though ) after which we had dinner and left for home at around 1:00 am . Saturday was not much of a happening day instead it was a day on which me and my dad spent the day doing random things . However sunday is a whole different story we were going to go watch “SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING” in 4DX which is a new thing for us as it just opened a few months ago . The show was for 1:00 pm so we left at 12:00 and we reached their just in time to just 10 minutes before . So as we entered the theatre I noticed a lot of fans and lots of other contraptions that were meant to create effects while the movie was going on 4D refers to the senses like wind smell movement etc . so you could call it a 3D movie with effects with really expensive tickets . Today was a little bit of a slow day for me as in school the time could not have gone any slower and we also had our chemistry test today which went pretty good hoping to expect a 13 or 14 out of 15 . then after returning home I slept for around 30 minutes and then went for my classes which lasts around 1 hour . I walked back home and then spent time with my mom and watched a movie together ( it was a movie that was coming on the television). And after the movie I started writing this blog so well yeah . that’s all I have time for today see you tomorrow (literally its 10:30)